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Granite City Tool Everything For Stone Working S A L E SIZZLING SUMMER SAVINGS BETTER • FASTER • BEST PRICE • ASK ME HOW! • POS1 POS3 POS5 ELIMINATOR POS7 POS2 POS4 POS6 Hyper Speed Tooling DIAMUT is one of the largest CNC tooling manufacturers in the world. DIAMUT is owned by a large company (A world conglomerate corporation headquarters in Italy). In the last six years they have invested millions of dollars in R & D which includes new cutting edge furnaces that precisely control the heating and cooling of the diamond profiles with assistance of robotic arms that place and remove on scheduled times. This precise heating and cooling of the diamond matrix is essential to ensure consistency in tool performance and life. This is what makes their tooling the best. No other manufacturer in the world has this state-of-the-art facility. We have found that DIAMUT High Speed metal-bond tools last 5-15% longer and the polishers last 50-100% longer than any competitor! The metal tools run quieter and draw 30-40% less amperage on the CNC machine. Besides the longer life, the polishers produce a superior shine. They also have developed an Eliminator tool for most profiles which eliminates the lines for the most demanding polish. Granite City Tool has the best trained Sales Staff in the industry to get you set-up and running. Our Technicians were End Users, or worked at CNC companies prior to GCT. They have set up hundreds of satisfied customers! CALL US AND FIND OUT THE DIFFERENCE. GCT STOCKS A LARGE INVENTORY TO HAVE WHAT YOU NEED, WHEN YOU NEED IT! IF YOU WANT THE BEST CNC TOOLING AND TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE - BUY FROM GCT! P Premium high performing blade with high diamond consistency. Offering fine and clean cuts. A highly demanded blade! Bridge Saw Blade Deal Turbo Blade Deal The most advanced diamond placement technology available by Zenesis! ZENESIS ® Black 2 Silent Core Patterned Segmented Blades Turbo Blades 12" 50/60 mm 0508-0970 $274.00 14" 50/60 mm 0508-0971 $318.30 16" 50/60 mm 0508-0972 $369.80 18" 50/60 mm 0508-0973 $462.50 5" 0508-0826 $32.95 $24.95 6" 0508-0827 $42.95 $32.95 BUY 10 OR MORE Get a FREE 4-Hole Brass Adapter! 0501-0021 $14.95 VALUE! BUY 1 OR MORE Get a FREE BULLET PROOF ™ Fabricator Apron! 4501-0074 $64.95 VALUE! GRANITE CITY TOOL EVERYTHING FOR STONE WORKING Sales good through Sept. 30 th , 2015, or while supplies last #153 ONLINE

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